Delta Lloyd

Ensuring that people start thinking about their retirement. Free media use.

We created two different ideas.

De laatste kans (the last chance) is a tv format where elderly people who have a very bad pension can fight for their last change to win a good pension. There will be several rounds of questions and after each round, unfortunately, one of the contestants needs to leave the show. To involve the watchers there is a second screen app where the viewers can play along. Not only to just play along but they also help out the participants in the show because every elderly contestants can use one helpline. Every player of the second screen app receives a message at the end of the show that they need to think about their pension to make sure that this doesn’t happen to them. At the end of the show we have one winner, who goes home with a good pension. The other contestants will go back to their old situation. However, they get a conversation with a pension advisor of Delta Lloyd to see if they can improve their situation.

De pensioen verdubbelaar (The pension doubler) is an activation where we let people play for a pension doubling, through a slot machine. Don’t let your pension depend on fate. The slot can be used and will be beamed to involve bystanders. Of course it’s not possible to double your pension this easy. This is the message that the players get to see after they have played. In addition, there are coupons coming out of the machine for a free retirement interview with Delta Lloyd advisor. So nobody will go home empty handed and making everyone aware of arranging their pension.