JUNIOR* Academie exam
Assignment started on April 24, 2014

The assignment was to come up with a concept for a brand new supermarkt. And to design and promote this new supermarket.

Due to the economic crisis we have become critical consumers and we pay more attention to the price of the things we buy. We look at more sustainable and inexpensive products. We accept less and less that products are getting discarded unnecessarily. Because when a product doesn’t look perfect, it may taste perfectly.

The European Parliament wants to reduce food waste by half. Therefore 2014 should be the European year against food waste.

One third of all the food we produce is getting thrown away. For example, because it does not meet the cosmetic requirements, it does not have the correct weight or the correct size, the season is officially over, the expiration date is in sight, the label has a printing mistake or because we buy more than we eat.

With this in mind, I created my new supermarket. The Perfect Shop. A supermarket where little mistakes become a profit, your profit. At the Perfect Shop the “rejected” products get a second chance but this time for an extra low price. These products are normally not getting sold by the farmers or factories so The Perfect Shop can buy theme for a lower price. This creates a win-win situation.

The Perfect Shop, where mistakes are a profit in both photography and corporate identity. Which reflected in a unique and distinctive identity and some clear and powerful campaign and media ideas.



We were asked to create a social-sales activation campaign for KLM. The goal is to create more sales by using social media.

We created “The Ultimate check-in Challenge”. The KLM passengers can download the special check-in challenge app for their smartphone while waiting to board their flight. The passenger logs in with his/her Facebook account and receives the ticket for the challenge and the free Wi-Fi during their flight. The challenge is to check-in as close as possible to one of the hotspots during your flight. This check-in is automatically placed on their Facebook page. The winner of each flight receives an upgrade on their next flight with KLM.

Making people aware of the fact that there is now WiFi on the KLM flights and encourage the sale of this new service.

*This was an assignment I made together with Floris Heyne.

Bavaria festival

Bavaria beer is served at many festivals. To generate more exposure/customer engagement we need to create a festival activation for Bavaria.

People who visit festivals all got the same frustrations. The arrive in a party mood at the festival but there they must park their car at the other end of the festival ground  witch result is a 30 minutes walk back to the camping spot and music stages. Therefor I came up with Bavaria Lijn Zo. This is the pre-party bustrip to the festivals. Not just a bus but a real party bus with DJ on board. To every famous festival in the Nederlands a Bavaria bus brings 30 price winners to their festivals. The bus brings them to the exact place they need to be so they don’t have to walk with all their stuff. To claim their seat the need to buy a crate Bavaria and check their special code at the Bavaria website.

Delta Lloyd

Ensuring that people start thinking about their retirement. Free media use.

We created two different ideas.

De laatste kans (the last chance) is a tv format where elderly people who have a very bad pension can fight for their last change to win a good pension. There will be several rounds of questions and after each round, unfortunately, one of the contestants needs to leave the show. To involve the watchers there is a second screen app where the viewers can play along. Not only to just play along but they also help out the participants in the show because every elderly contestants can use one helpline. Every player of the second screen app receives a message at the end of the show that they need to think about their pension to make sure that this doesn’t happen to them. At the end of the show we have one winner, who goes home with a good pension. The other contestants will go back to their old situation. However, they get a conversation with a pension advisor of Delta Lloyd to see if they can improve their situation.

De pensioen verdubbelaar (The pension doubler) is an activation where we let people play for a pension doubling, through a slot machine. Don’t let your pension depend on fate. The slot can be used and will be beamed to involve bystanders. Of course it’s not possible to double your pension this easy. This is the message that the players get to see after they have played. In addition, there are coupons coming out of the machine for a free retirement interview with Delta Lloyd advisor. So nobody will go home empty handed and making everyone aware of arranging their pension.


We created an Ad for Mizuno based on the different stages of a run. The stages everybody experience. For Mizuno we want to claim this words and show everybody that you are not the only one with this feelings. For big runners events we want to spray the words on the ground so Mizuno guide you trough your run.

*This was an assignment I made together with Eva Nota.