JUNIOR* Academie exam
Assignment started on April 24, 2014

The assignment was to come up with a concept for a brand new supermarkt. And to design and promote this new supermarket.

Due to the economic crisis we have become critical consumers and we pay more attention to the price of the things we buy. We look at more sustainable and inexpensive products. We accept less and less that products are getting discarded unnecessarily. Because when a product doesn’t look perfect, it may taste perfectly.

The European Parliament wants to reduce food waste by half. Therefore 2014 should be the European year against food waste.

One third of all the food we produce is getting thrown away. For example, because it does not meet the cosmetic requirements, it does not have the correct weight or the correct size, the season is officially over, the expiration date is in sight, the label has a printing mistake or because we buy more than we eat.

With this in mind, I created my new supermarket. The Perfect Shop. A supermarket where little mistakes become a profit, your profit. At the Perfect Shop the “rejected” products get a second chance but this time for an extra low price. These products are normally not getting sold by the farmers or factories so The Perfect Shop can buy theme for a lower price. This creates a win-win situation.

The Perfect Shop, where mistakes are a profit in both photography and corporate identity. Which reflected in a unique and distinctive identity and some clear and powerful campaign and media ideas.


Juice in a box

We were asked to invent, design and promote a new supermarket product.

You know them, the healthy juices where everyone is talking about. Unfortunately, it takes quite a lot of time to make it and because some of the products are not completely used you spoil a lot of food. To make it easyer for everybody to enjoy this juices, we came up with “Juice in a box”. Juice in a box are cubes of frozen fruit and veggies, produced for you to make your juices. With Juice in a box, it’s so easy to make your healty juice, there is no excuse.

*This was an assignment I made together with Eva Nota.


Create a new candybar.

The original recipe for a chocolate candybar includes chilli to give the people energy. BAM! use excactly the same recipe and is a real energy candybar. So the total branding of BAM! represent the energy of this candybar.