- Let's talk fashion wants to be known as a credible online fashion retailer. The online seller already had a fashion assortment, but wasn’t really known for it. The main goal of the campaign was to let Dutch and Belgian consumers know that, from now on, you can shop for your fashion items on 

We created a campaign that celebrates fashion in all forms. From high fashion to more practical ‘everyday’ clothing. Everything we created had a touch of that well known humour. Normally with fashion, adding humour is tricky. However, we had to be honest with ourselves, can’t compete with ASOS or H&M, as we don’t have the credibility within the fashion industry...yet! So, it was very important with this campaign that we didn’t overpromise and didn’t take ourselves too seriously. So we played with the contrast and created humours pieces of content that showed high fashion and more practical items coming together in everyday life.  


Dept Agency

Roxy Scheepbouwer, Stella Geursten, Rob Voortman, Kim van de Sanden

September 2020