PVH - Employer branding

People are not looking for a job anymore, but a challenge, something they can change and impact in the world we live in. The ones who do things only they can, because of what they believe in. People who are passionate about what they do. 
The misfits, always looking for something new. They dare to be different. And that’s what makes them stand out from the crowd. People who are not looking to just fill in a position, but to create one with their own individuality. Idealists who know dream jobs don’t exist. 
It’s up to them to make it happen. Dream jobs don’t happen. You create them. #Makeithappen


Dept Agency

The team I worked with
Dennis Hamakers, João Inácio, Rhian Avery, Oscar Schade,
Eric van der Avoird, Rose de Bruijn, Photography Teska Overbeeke, Director Allard Faas

May 2019

The associates are full of dreams and ambitions. Each one of them contributes to the Tommy culture - together they are Tommy Hilfiger.

We took this literally and used their logo to create several zoomed-in pieces which represent, metaphorically, personal stories of associates working at Tommy Hilfiger. Next to that it still had that instantly recognizable Tommy Hilfiger feeling.